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Concept Energy Savers Franchise


Concept  Energy  Savers  / Concept  Engineers  is  seeking partners  in  its Endeavour’s to spread Hi-tech Energy Conservation,  Renewable Energy & Services across  the India. Referred to as Franchisee Partner, the partner is responsible  for   promoting   Sales   of   LED’s   Lighting  fixtures,   energy auditing,   energy  efficiency  and   renewable  energy  options   in   hotels, hospitals,   engineering   colleges,   Municipal   Corporation,    offices   and different industries in their locality.

If you   are  an   entrepreneur  looking  for  business opportunities  in   the Energy Conservation  & Renewable Energy sector will  surely prove out to be   a   very  good   business  decision  in   order  to  meet  your  business objectives and goals.

We would  like  to offer the opportunity to become  a part of this Recession- Free Industry.  Besides  helping our nation becomes more and  more eco- friendly. Concept  Energy Savers rapidly increasing network offers you  a perfect avenue to increase your profitability.

We   have   expertise   in   manufacturing  application   based   LED  Lighting fixtures  for  Industries,   Commercial  buildings   &   having  quantum   of satisfied  customers.  Promoter  of the company is Certified  Energy Auditor by  Bureau of Energy Efficiency,  Ministry of Power, Govt. of India  along with team of well  experienced engineers.
Role of Franchisee

•  To promote sale of LED based  Lighting Fixtures for Energy Saving.
•  Energy Auditing Energy Efficiency & Safety Audit in hotels, hospitals, engineering colleges, Municipal Corporation, offices and different industries.
•  Energy Saving  Equipments & Controls.
•  To promote sale of Energy Saving  products.

How to promote Sales of our Products:

• Mobile  Demonstration kit with other necessary details will  be provided so that our partners will  be able to convince our customers.

• Demo  Kit containing Wattmeter to measure LED Bulbs  /CFL up to 20W with B-22 holders housed  in briefcase for mobility.
> 0.25bulb -2 No.,
> 1.00W bulb-2 No.,
> Zero watt bulb-2 no.
> Leaflets of the LED Lighting Fixtures

•  C.D.-Containing write-up regarding advantages of LED Bulbs,  details of various LED based  lighting fixtures.
> How to Save Energy.
> Home  Energy Audit.
> How to calculate pay back  calculation.
> Where to use LED and save Energy

Franchise Fee

The Franchise Fee is Rs.15, 000 plus service tax @10.30% (Including the  cost  of Demo Kit. The  first agreement  shall  be  valid  for 2 years. Franchisee fee is to be paid  at the time of signing of agreement. There is no  Extra  cost  for Initial Setup  Guidance, Training for your Employees. At the  end  of  the  2  Year  Contract  Period,  if the Franchisee qualifies  the audits, maintains the quality of services, has no outstanding towards Franchiser and  meets  the business targets set  by  the Franchiser, Concept Energy Savers will  renew the contract on a mutual consent basis.


The  franchise  will   be  paid   a  commission from  each   individual  project promoted by  him. The margin of this commission is in different ration for different   project    and    will    be   fixed   before  submitting   the   techno- commercial   proposal   to   the   customer    with   consultation  with   the franchiser. This  commission will  be  released to franchise after realization of final payments from customer.

The Concept Energy Savers Franchisee is expected to have the following as a minimum:

a. You must have  some  form of transportation.

b. A basic understanding of commercial economics.

c. At  least   one  hour  daily   besides   the travel time to  and  from  the locations you plan  to visit.

d. An  investment of minimum Rs.  25,000 in  goods  except  franchisee fee.

e. Agree to a non  disclosure clause  under which  you  will  not disclose  to anyone the various activities especially sales  promotion and technology etc to other persons.

f. The  Franchisee must  under  no  circumstances  supply  products  or promote our services outside of the agreed upon  area of operation since  this will  be  deemed to infringe upon  the rights of another franchisee or selling arrangement.

Future Plans

We are planning to expand our business across  India by creating Franchisees and extend our full support to them.

Successful franchisee can be converted into Depot for that particular Area and appoint Sales promoters to enhance sell.

We are planning to develop various new innovative products & Engineering Services.

Contact Persons:

Gyanendra Saxena (Certified Energy Auditor) Mob. No. - 9826086462, Mail ID: gsaxenabpl@rediffmail.com

Nitin Sharma (Electrical Engineer) Mob. No. -  9219616425 Mail ID: nitsha234@gmail.com